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全新版大学英语二级考试模拟试题八及答案 50左右
1. He kept his head; otherwise the accident _C_____.
A. would happen B. happened C. would have happened D. happens
2.――"Is she older than you?"
――"Yes she is older than ___D____two years"
A. me    B. I for   C. I am by   D. me by
3. He is _C______a writer as a reporter.
A. more     B. rather   C. not so much与其说 D. not such
4. I suppose that when I come back in ten years' time, all these old houses D_A___-down.
A. will have been pulled B. will have pulled
C. will be pulling    D. will be pulled
5. Johnson hoped it would be __DC__who would be called upon号召.
A. has B. him C. he D. himself
6. Have a cup of tea, ___C____?
A. shall we B. will you C. won't you D. do you
7. It is estimated估计 that much of a teenager's time is spent__C__B__ with friends.
A. to talk B. talking C. being talked D. having talked
8. It is one ___B_______best sellers in our country now.
A. of them    B. of those C. of this    D. of their
9. Henry was deported for having an expired visa. He ___B_A___ his visa renewed回复.
A. should have had? B. must have had? C. might have had? D. would have had
10.---- "Where is your college located, John?"
---- "It is ___A_B____."
A. on the Fifth Avenue B. on Fif