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merce 英语作文.doc
merce_英语作文 .
来自电商的挑战 The Challenge From E-commerce
It has been reported that many stores in the supermarket had been shut down. It is known to all that as the development of e-commerce, people like to buy things online, which makes the shops have less customers. The challenge that e-commerce brings requires the traditional business to make some changes. 据报道,许多在超市的商店被关闭。众所周知 , 随着电子商务的发展 , 人们喜欢在网上买东西 , 这使得商店客户变少。电子商务带来的挑战 需要传统业务做出一些改变。
There are many reasons for the shops to go bankrupted. On the one hand, the rent is high. The shops in the supermarket need to pay a lot of money in order to rent the good place. We can see that every year, the price of land is increasing, so as the rent. On the other hand, most people go to the clothes shop to try on the clothes and buy the same style online. Because the price will be much cheaper online.
商店破产的原因有很多。一方面 , 房租很高。在超市的商店需要支付 很多钱,为了租个好地方。我们可以看到 ,每一年,土地价格增加 ,租 金也一样。另一方面 , 大多数人去服装店试穿衣服,然后在网上购买 相同的样式。因为网上价格会便宜很多。
The traditional shop