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1 写作 B 注: 蓝色为原有 34篇训练 1 题目: A Letter toA Foreign Friend 你的一位外国朋友给你来信, 打算到中国旅游。你给他回信, 提出旅游建议。你的回信应包括下列内容: 1. 接到朋友的来信。 2. 你对旅游的安排计划及理由。 3. 表达你希望见到朋友的心愿。 S ept. 11, 2010 Dear Mike, I'm glad to get your letter and know you want to make a tour in China. Now I'm living in Shanghai, and there are so many famous places here. I have made a plan for your visit in Shanghai. First we can go to the Peoples' Square, the most famous place in Shanghai. Then we can go to Yu yuan Garden, wh ere you can see traditional Chinese buildings and buy some typical Chinese souvenirs. In the evening, we may have dinner at my home and you are e to stay at my home for several days. I'm looking forward to ing to Shanghai. I am sure you will like this city. Best wishes Yours, Lily 训练 2 题目: My Activities in Leisure Time 要求: 1. 你业余时间的娱乐活动有哪些? 2. 描述其中一项业余活动。 I have quite a few activities in my leisure time .I like collecting cards and playing cards with my friends. I like doing physical exercise in the fresh air such as roller-skating and s wimming . In addition, I am interested in drawing pictures, l istening to music and singing songs . At present, I'm learning how to play the guitar. Finally ,I enjoy learning English because I like speaking with foreigners and I like watching Disney cartoons. My activities in my leisure time keep me busy and excited. A nd I'm always looking for new things to do. 训练 3 题目: My Favorite Means ofG et ting I nformation 要求: 1 .列举现代社会获取信息的方式。 2 .你最喜欢的获取信息的方式。 In modern society, there are many means of getting information. For example, we can get information by reading books, newspapers and magazines, by listening to radio and watching TV. 2 H owever, myf avorite m eans ofg etting i nformation is by using . I has many advantages. First, it gives us information ina great volume and at very fast speed , which helps us learn knowledge — our wonderful distance education isa good example. Second, it provides a platform for us municate. Third, it provides many kinds of entertainment to us at any time. W ith all the advantages above, I use almost every day. 训练 4 题目: Physic al Exercise 要求: 1. 从事体育运动有哪些好处; 2. 你常做的体育运动。 D oing regular physical exercises is the key toa healthy life. T he benefits are as follows. F irstly, p hysical exercise improve s or maintains our health . Frequent and regular physical exercise strengthen s the immune system, and helps prevent many kinds of diseases . Secondly, p hysical exercise improves mental health, helps prevent depression and promote or maintain positive self- image. L ast but not least, doing physical exercises together with other people isa good opportunity to make new friends. A ll in all, physical exercise benefits usa lot. So we ’d better do physical exercise every day. 训练 5 题目: Which is more important, Health or Wealth? 要求: 1. 介绍你对健康与财富的看法; 2. 简述你的理由。 Some people prefer wealth to health , holding that one can do nothing without money. In order to g 内容来自beplayapp体育下载www.apt-nc.com转载请标明出处.