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1. As, after his death, he defeated the forces of injustice,____the position in art that had been kept from him during his life.
A. so did he gain B. so he gained
C. and he gained D. and gained
2. He thought he had lost his ____for good. However, he found his pillow already taken by the dog when he entered the room.
A. beautiful yellow little dog
B. yellow beautiful little dog
C. little yellow beautiful dog
D. beautiful little yellow dog
3. In 1900, the place where he had been buried was finally discovered, marked only by ____, with even a simple stone.
A. the 61 number B. the number 61st
C. the number 61 D. a 61 number
4. More than a year later he arrived back in America____.
A. ill, tired and unhappy
B. with ill, tired and unhappy
C. felt ill, tired and unhappy
D. he felt ill, tired and unhappy
5. She possessed a quick mind, a sharp tongue and ____a strong will.
A. above all B. first of all C. most of all D. moreover
6. “You know so much about literature. It’s a pity you failed your degree,” Harry said, “You ____ a good teacher.”
A. would have been B. can have been
C. must be D. should have been
7. ____scientists thought the Red Planet was as lifeless as the Moon with dust swirling over vast sandy deserts.
A. To begin with B. Beginning with
C. It was begun with D. While b
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