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promotion of empl oyment, form a reasonabl e and orderly pattern of income distribution, build a m ore fair and sustainable social se curity systems, me dical a ndhealth system reform. The ple nary, i nnovation of social gover nance, must focus on the maintena nce of fundam ental interest s of the over whelming majority of the pe opl e, maximize factors, e nha nce social devel opme nt, improvi ng social gover nan ce, the interests of national security, ensure that the pe ople live a nd w ork, social sta bility and order. o improve soci al governa nce, stimulati ng social orga nization, innovative a nd effective system of preventi ng and resolvi ng social confli cts, improv ng the public security system, set up the Nati ona l Security Council, nati onal security systems and nati onal security strategy to ensure nati onal security. Plenary sessi on, t he constr ucti on of ecologi cal civ ilization, you must esta blish systems of ecol ogical sy stem, usi ng the system to protect the ecologi cal envir onment. o improve natural
resour ces asset property right system and use control, re d line of delimitation of ecol ogical prote ction, resource s paid use sy stem and e col ogical compensati on sy stem in ecologi cal envir onment protecti on ma nagement system reform. Ple nary se ssion, centering on buil ding a liste ning party comma nd, can wi n and having a fine style of the people's army, a str ong army under the new situation of the party Goal s, restricti ng the dev elopment of nati onal defense a nd army buildi ng is solved outsta ndi ng contradicti ons and problems, i nnovation a nd development of military the ory, e nha nce milita ry strategic guida nce, im prove the military strategy in t he ne w peri od, buil ding a moder n military force system with Chi nese characteri stics. o deepen the adjustment of per sonnel system reform in the army, military policy a nd system reform, prom ote the development of military and civili an integration de pth. Pl enary sess