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Section A
Section B needs 1~2 periods.
The main activities are 1a and 3.
Aims and demands
1. (1)Learn the names of home items:
lamp, clock, table, key, window
(2)Learn other new words and phrases:
talk about, near, under, put away, thing, dad, model, river
2. Go on learning the structure of“There be” and the prepositions of position.
What’s on your desk? There is a lamp, a computer, some books and so on.
How much water is there? Only a little.
How many boats are there on the river? There are two.
3. Learn to look after one’s own things.
Put it away, please.
You must look after your things.
Step 1 Review ( 6 minutes)
1.Show the PPT of this lesson, go over THERE BE drills
There’s a model plane next to the lamp.
There are some keys under the table.

2. Look at the screen and learn the new words.
T: Now, let’s look at the picture. What can you see in it?
S1: I can see a sofa.
T: Oh, I see. It’s near the desk.
S2: I can see a family photo.
T: Can you see a clock on the wall? It’s near the photo.

T: What’s on the desk?
Ss: There is a lamp, a computer, some books and so on.
T: We can also say, “There are some books, a lamp, a computer and so on.” Is there a clock on
Ss: No, there isn’t.
Explain the phrase: talk about.
3.Finish Excise 1 in the guiding paper of Section B.
Step 2 Presentation (6’)

1. Ask some volunteer