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selective sensitization of c-fiber nociceptors by hydrogen sulfide论文.pdf

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selective sensitization of c-fiber nociceptors by hydrogen sulfide论文.pdf
Journal of Pharmacological Sciences 130 (2016) 38e41
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Journal of Pharmacological Sciences
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Short communication
Selective sensitization of C-fiber nociceptors by hydrogen sulfide
Yuka Aoki, Maho Tsubota, Yuta Nishimoto, Yumi Maeda, Fumiko Sekiguchi,
Atsufumi Kawabata
Laboratory of Pharmacology & Pathophysiology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Kindai University, Higashi-Osaka 577-8502, Japan
article info abstract
Article history: We examined the effects of intraplantar (i.pl.) administration of NaHS, an H2S donor, known to cause T-
Received 3 December 2015 type Ca2 channel (T-channel)-dependent mechanical hyperalgesia, on responsiveness to electric stim-
Accepted 28 December 2015 ulation with 5, 250 and 2000 Hz sine waves (SW) that selectively excites C, Ad and Ab fibers, respectively.
Available online 6 January 2016
NaHS, given i.pl., caused behavioral hypersensitivity to SW stimulation at 5 Hz, but not 250 or 2000