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2015 ISHOW中级班文本
1.Ted: Oh,I'm really sorry.Are you OK?
Ana: I'm fine.But I'm not very good at this.
Ted: Neither am I.Say,are you from South America?
Ana: Yes,I am originally.I was born in Argentina.
Ted: Did you grow up there?
Ana: Yes,I did,but my family moved here eight years ago when I was in high school.
Ted: And where did you learn to rollerblade?
Ana: Here in the park.This is only my second time.
Ted: Well,it's my first time.Can you give me some lessons?
Ana: Sure.Just follow me.
Ted: By the way,my name is Ted.
Ana: And I'm Ana.Nice to meet you.
2.Ted: Hey,hey!That was fun.Thank you for the lesson!
Ana: No problem.So,tell me a little about yourself.What do you do?
Ted: I work in a travel agency.
Ana: Really!What do you do there?
Ted: I'm in charge of puters.
Ana: Oh,so you're puter specialist.
Ted: Well,sort of.Yeah,I guess so.
Ana: That's great.Then maybe you can give me some help with puter course I'm taking.
Ted: Oh,sure...But only if you promise to give me some more rollerblading lessons.
Ana: It's a deal!
1.Interviewer: Where are you from originally,Yu Hong?
Yu Hong: I'm from China...from near Shanghai.
Interviewer: And when did you move here?
Yu Hong: I came here after I graduated from college.That was in 1992.
Interviewer: And what do you do now?
Yu Hong: I'm a transportation engineer.
Interviewer: I see.So you 're an immigrant to the United States.
Yu Hong: Yes,that's right.
Interviewer: What are some of difficulties of being an immigrant in the U.S.?
Yu Hong: Oh,that's not an easy question to answer.There are so many things,really.I guess one of the biggest difficulties is that I don't have any relatives here.I mean,I have a lot of friends,but that's not the same thing.In China,on the holidays or the weekend,we visit relatives.It isn't the same here.
Interviewer: And what do you miss the most from home?
Yu Hong: Oh,that's easy: my mom's soup!She makes great soup 内容来自beplayapp体育下载www.apt-nc.com转载请标明出处.